How Liposat works in body contouring?

This technology is the newest and best body contouring method in 2016. You can experience fitness and beauty using this device.

This technology is the newest and best body contouring method in 2016. You can experience fitness and beauty using this device.

body contouring by Liposat

The world of plastic surgery is ever-evolving, and clients are increasingly demanding, minimally invasive procedures that offer little to no pain and downtime. Even so, liposuction procedures are on the rise and likely to increase in the coming years.

The American Plastic Surgery Surgery 2018 Plastic Surgery Statistics will also be published in 2018. In addition, the number of liposuction procedures increased by 5% between 2017 to 2018.

That number will probably continue to climb over the next few years as it increases for body contouring, reconstructive surgeries, and several other cosmetic procedures. As a result, it is up to manufacturers to engineer medical devices that advance with the plastic surgery and technology of our time.

With this in mind, Moeller Medical has created Liposat, a new medical device that seeks to simplify the liposuction process, reduce health risks to the patient, and offer several other features that will improve efficiency and efficacy.


  1. Like body jet, it’s perfectly safe and does not have any complications for the patient.
  2. There is the slightest amount of pain and swelling in this method.
  3. Like body jet, the extracted fat is completely alive and with high quality.

What is the mechanism of Liposat?

For slimming, it follows a unique technique. The T.L.A technique at injection time and the vibration technique, with the help of microscopic sweep movements, drain fat from the treated area. This mechanism causes the fats to be homogeneously separated from the target area and prevent fats to conglobate in the treated area. This technique, like the Lipomatic method, can extract fats alive from the body and allow you to reinject fat to other parts of your body without the need to washing and centrifuges for bulking up.

What are Liposat`s complications?

By observing the Liposat’s video, you will notice that slimming is done without anesthesia, and the complications of the Liposat are negligible.  The probability of embolism after this procedure is very low and within 48 hours you can resume normal activities of your life. This method is associated with very little pain, bruising and inflammation, and the overall complications of the Liposat are very small. Within 48 hours you can resume normal activities of your life. This method is the best way to reduce weight, because of its low bruising and inflammation.

Which areas can we use to deplete fat from?

  • Breast
  • Thigh
  • Abdomen
  • Side
  • Arm
  • Hip

What are the benefits of using Liposat for fat deplete?

lipasat cannula
  1. Extracting fats alive and re-using fats to form and bulking up other body organs.
  2. No need for other secondary devices such as air compressors, injection pumps, and suction
  3. No need for anesthesia
  4. Easy and useful performance
  5. uniform discharge of fat from the treated area
  6. Simultaneous use of both vibration and suction technology
  7. Possibility to adjust the temperature of the tumescent soluble to the patient’s body temperature
  8. Uniform injection with the benefit of infiltration
  9. Completely safe and uncomplicated
  10. Has very little pain

Full introduction of Liposat device structure:

The main body of the Liposat machine has a strong Vacusat aspiration pump with two 3-liter and variable for the most amount of suction containers. This pump can be controlled by the base pedal or on, off switch at the same time. The Liposat permeability pump is designed for rapid injection of tumescent fluids before liposuction. The fluid flow rate can be set from 0 to 300 ml/min, and the pre-regulated fluid can be programmed on the control panel, which allows the operator to control the amount of fluid injected for each area of the body. Optional fluid heating plates can be connected to the liposuction system, and the Liposat strength can be controlled with the base pedal by the surgeon more. The Vibrasat Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) system, shown at the top right of the image below, is adjustable from 3000 to 5000 rpm. Liposuction cannula has an important role in helping the cannula move in the fracture of fatty and fibrin tissues. Liposuction cannula with manual stretching is installed on the handle (as shown below). In this machine, a wide range of cannulas is available with a variety of tip patterns, widths, and lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

types of cannula
  1. Which people are suitable for body contouring surgery and local fat deplete?

People who suffer from excess fat in the abdominal, sides, thighs, behind the bras and arms can use these methods.

  1. How safe is this method? What are the risks?

The body jet and Liposat methods do not have any risks and complications. Of course, older methods (which are still in progress), such as traditional liposuction or lipolysis laser, are sometimes associated with dangers, but in the new methods, there is no risk for the patient.

However, note that all these operations must be done in an equipped operating room and central sterile or hospital. Physicians’ offices and clinics are prohibited.

  1. Does the operation require anesthesia?

No, the operations are performed by local anesthesia and, in some cases, some sleep medicine and relaxation. Of course, during operation, an anesthetist is present at the patient’s bedside and if the patient requests (some patients prefer to be completely anesthetized), the facilities and conditions of the anesthetic will be quietly feasible.

  1. How the area division is done?
  • Abdomen and flanks (with or without bras) (with or without arms)
  • Behind the bras and arms
  • Thighs

In each session, you can perform one of the A to C areas (in one session), that means, the abdomen and flanks in one session, behind the bras and arms in one session and the thighs will be performed in one session.

Unless there is not a lot of fat in the target area, more area would be operated in one session, for example, the abdomen, flanks and behind the bras.

    5. What is the difference between the ultra z Lipomatic, body jet, and Liposat?

Body jet and Liposat are currently the most recent methods and their advantages over previous methods include:

The greater fat removal (Liposat is the most powerful fat separator in the world), less pain and less bruising, better skin lift, no hollow making, no need for painful deplete massage.

Liposat body contouring surgery benefits:
  • Performed by the most professional and experienced specialist physicians With the latest and most advanced methods and equipment of the day
  • 24-hour postoperative care by a physician
  • For the first time in Iran, the most modern machine in Europe
  • Liposat (Body Jet + Lipomatic Combination)
  • Performed in specialized surgery centers by specialist
  • Aesthetic surgery in just 3 hours
  • Without pain and bleeding
  • Shortest recovery and no need for hospitalization and anesthesia
  • No need for postoperative massage

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